Tragic! Body Of Las Vegas Teen Was Found In An Abandoned Building Where He Played 'Russian Roulette' With His Friends

Date June 15, 2018

A trusting Las Vegas teenager has lost his life in a misguided 'Russian Roulette' escapade with friends.

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Naive teen

According to a report on Review Journal, Matthew Minkler, 17, lost his life on Friday morning from gunshot wounds.

He was shot playing a game with his friends in the abandoned house where his body was recovered after his friends tried to hide him in a closet.

His parents cry foul

Sadly, his parents are refusing to accept that their son died as a result of a silly game where each participant is required to point a gun at themselves and shoot.

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His mother is claiming that one of the suspects, 16-year-old Jaiden Caruso, had a beef with her son.

Children need better stranger danger training

While investigations continue, both Jaiden and the other boy present at the time of the shooting, Kody Harlan, have been charged as adults for Matthew’s murder.

And the unfortunate events that led to the youngster’s death is reminding parents of how necessary it is to empower their children to make informed decisions as they grow older.

Children should be taught to walk away when they are faced with uncomfortable situations. Importantly, they should be encouraged to speak to any trusted adult about it.

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