Troubled Actress Heather Locklear Charged With Assaulting A Cop

Date June 26, 2018

Heather Locklear is going through some difficult times after last week’s mental health trouble.


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Fresh trouble

The actress’ woes appear to just begin. She is in fresh trouble, and this time, it’s with law enforcement.

She was arrested for battering a police officer and emergency staff called to her home after she got into an argument while highly intoxicated.

Psychiatric evaluation

The substance that caused her to act erratically was not stated, but it seemed responsible for emboldening her to fight with the officer and personnel who tried to remove her from the scene.


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This comes a week after family members of the actress had to call the police when she threatened to kill herself. She reportedly became agitated and frantically searched for a gun. She had to be taken in for psychiatric evaluation.

Rehab stints

Locklear has been dealing with substance abuse for years now while managing a successful Hollywood career.


She’s done rehab stints and also been arrested for driving under the influence. Our prayers are with her. We hope she will overcome this.

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Heather Locklear