Stop Neglecting Obvious Signs! How 10 Children Were Rescued From Their Abusive Parents

Date November 19, 2018 17:29

A California father is in police custody after 10 children were rescued from his home in terrible condition.

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Child abuse statistics

This bizarre story is one of 3.6 million referrals made to child protection agencies in the United States yearly. And this does not even reflect the true figure, as a single referral could involve more than one child.

The official website of Child Help, a child abuse agency, says as much as one case of child abuse is reported every 10 seconds. It placed the number of children who died as a result of abuse at 1,580 in 2014.

The toxic parenting of the Allens

For the children of Ina Rogers and Jonathan Allen, they were lucky to get out before they were subjected to further harm.

Fairfield Police Lieutenant, Greg Hurlbut, said that the children ranging between 4 months and 12 years had been through the most horrid forms of abuse, including emotional torture.

The children were interviewed extensive for more than a month.

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Physical evidence of abuse included signs that they had been punctured, burnt, bruised, and shot at with pellet guns.

29-year-old Allen, their father, was arraigned on seven felony torture charges and nine counts of felony child abuse.

Their mother was arrested on charges of child neglect but has since been released on bail. She, however, claims her husband is innocent and continues to fight for his release.

Detecting abuse

Hurlbut confirmed to news agencies that the family of 12 had moved around a lot and lived like hermits in their current neighborhood. Residents of the Northern California neighborhood said the family kept to themselves, which was possibly a red flag.

Detecting abuse can come down knowing what the people close to you are up to and by shutting themselves out, they made it impossible for their neighbors to notice that something was amiss.

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