His Principal Refused To Let Him Give A Speech As The School's First Black Valedictorian, So He Came Up With A Creative Way To Speak Up


July 6, 2018 10:21 By Fabiosa

It is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore concerns that America might have a serious race problem, especially when children become victims because of their skin color.

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An undeserving co-valedictorian

Last year, a report on CNN claimed that a black valedictorian, Jasmine Shepard, from Mississippi, was forced to share her towering achievement with a white student whose grade was lower.

This was further compounded by the fact that Jasmine was supposed to be the school's first black valedictorian. Worse still, she was reportedly made to give her speech after the white student.

Jaisaan Lovett banned without reason

And just about a year later, the bar has been set even lower. A black teen, Jaisaan Lovett, has been banned from giving his speech despite being the first black valedictorian of his school.

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Jaisaan, a former student of University Prep Charter School in Rochester, New York, went ahead to deliver his speech anyway at the city hall with special permission from the mayor.

Response online

He claims he was not told why the principal Joseph Munno stopped him. He, however, mentioned that they had had certain undisclosed issues between them while he was a student.

Needless to say, the reactions to Jaisaan's courage and his very mature speech, in which he forgave Munno and celebrated his family, has earned him a lot of praise. Well done, Jaisaan Lovett!

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