Private Jet Loving Clintons Shock Passengers Of A New York Bound Flight By Boarding With Them. Some People Say It's A Cheap Political Move


July 11, 2018 18:00 By Fabiosa

Was Hillary Clinton's loss at the presidential election a blessing in disguise for American taxpayers? It would seem so.


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Jet-set Clintons

During her time as Senator, Hillary flew no less than 200 privately chartered flights. All of these were paid for by taxpayers. In plain language, every week she took a flight, the money for it came from taxpayers' hard earned salaries.

Her husband, Bill Clinton, is also known to have been a lover of private jets and, at one point, used the 'Lolita Express' owned by the billionaire child molester Jeffrey Epstein.

Surprise, surprise!

But, the Clintons have had a change of heart it would seem because they surprised passengers on a Delta flight by joining them from Washington to New York.

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The former president and ex-secretary of state/senator stopped to take pictures with their excited fellow passengers and since then, social media has been a Clinton meltdown.

Testing the waters?

Pictures and videos from the chance encounter have flooded Instagram, Facebook and Twitter timelines.

But, there are a few skeptics who see through this stunt and think it is a cheap political move.


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They claim the Clintons are getting ready for Hillary's return to politics in 2020. What do you think?

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