Prince Charles' Travel Bills Cost British Taxpayers No Less Than £1 Million In Just One Year

Date July 2, 2018

It may not be a good idea to invite Prince Charles into your home. The future King of England is famous for being a difficult and demanding guest even if he is a good company.


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Difficult guest

The Prince of Wales has very specific tastes.


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He reportedly required his own toilet seat, orthopedic bed, linen, organic food as well as landscapes of the Scottish Highlands to be transported ahead of him for a visit at a friend's home. And these are the least of his creature comforts.

Travel costs

While it is easy to write off these peculiarities as princely habits picked up after years of being waited on hand and foot, they, unfortunately, come at a cost to British taxpayers.


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A recent report put the total cost of his travel in twelve months at £1million. This includes the £362,000 it took for him and Camilla to charter an RAF plane to visit the Far East.

Expensive royals

But Charles is not the only member of the royal family that racks up bills to be paid off by Britons. The entire family got their hands on no less than £43 million from the Sovereign Grant this year.


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All of that money came directly from taxpayers for the royals to carry out official duties. Prince Charles may want to reconsider his spending habits or risk losing the public's goodwill.

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