Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Reportedly Paid More Than $630,000 To Block Out Plane Noise For Baby Archie, According To Reports

Date July 1, 2019 14:58

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are willing to spare no expense when it comes to taking care of their son, baby Archie. The new parents have reportedly spent a huge amount of money on soundproofing Frogmore Cottage.


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Frogmore Cottage renovation

Meghan and Prince Harry have spent a lot of money to make their new house more comfortable for Archie. It is understood that the royal couple has paid $316,051 towards the refurbishment of their home, which would include 'fine furnishings' for a kitchen, living room, and a nursery for baby Archie.


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Soundproof home

In addition to the huge amount Prince Harry and Meghan are spending to renovate their home, the couple has also asked that Frogmore Cottage be soundproofed.

This is to block out plane noise as they take off and land directly over their Windsor home. The couple live below a flight path, five miles of busy Heathrow airport.


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According to Mirror, experts claim soundproofing work could have cost between $ 632,271 and $1,264,542 out of the huge amount spent so far on renovating their house.


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Many of the people have reacted with anger towards the huge amount of taxpayer’s money spent to soundproof Frogmore Cottage.


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A good number of locals believe the Duke and Duchess should pay for it with their own money or put up with the noise like everyone else.

How Meghan and Harry will be as parents

A royal expert, Katie Nicholl said Prince Harry and Meghan will be very hands-on parents as they would want their son to travel with them. In an interview with Vogue, Katie said:

They're not going to have a huge entourage of staff. I think Archie's childhood is like to be a lot less traditional than perhaps the Cambridges’.


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On what it means for Archie not having a royal title, she said: “It's very simple. It means that he can live an ordinary life. It means that he will grow up to be a private citizen.”

What are your thoughts on the royal couple making their home soundproof?