Mo’Nique Says She Will Have A Problem With Oprah Winfrey “Til The Day She Leaves This Earth”

Date July 25, 2019 15:43

It is highly unlikely the feud between Oscar-winning actress Mo'Nique and media mogul Oprah Winfrey would come to an end anytime soon.

The award-winning actress has stated that she would have a problem with the TV personality until she publicly apologizes to her.

Mo' Nique doesn't hide her emotions

Award-winning actress Mo’Nique is not afraid when it comes to speaking her truth. For several years she has come after anyone that challenges or criticizes her.

She openly talked about how Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels, and Oprah got blacklisted her in the Hollywood industry after promoting Precious. She even went as far as posting one of the private conversations she had with Tyler online.

What Mo’Nique really thinks of Oprah

The bad blood between Mo'Nique and Oprah Winfrey is not on the mend. In an interview with Comedy Hype, Mo'Nique revealed why she would continue to have issues with the media mogul.

She said:

'I want you to understand something, see this is why me and Oprah Winfrey got a problem… until that woman says let me apologize to you publicly, it'll be 'til the day that I leave this Earth, because what you did was malicious.

The rift between Mo'Nique and Oprah started several years ago, from an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show. The actress said Oprah exploited her family’s issues and never apologized for it.

According to Mo’Nique, the media mogul had called her and said her brother, Gerald wanted to come on the show and talk about she been molested.

Back in 2008, the actress admitted in an interview that she was molested by Gerald between the ages of 7 and 11.

Will Oprah respond?

Oprah had discussed her silence on the ongoing controversy between her and Mo'Nique while promoting the movie A Wrinkle In Time. In an interview with Global Grind, she said:

It's impossible. It's a law that if you meet negative with negative you will just have a combustive negative force of energy.

We hope Mo’Nique and Oprah can put this feud to bed very soon.