"It's Central!": Kathie Lee Gifford On The Role Of A Strong Christian Faith In Her Life

Date May 16, 2019 13:30

Kathie Lee Gifford knows it takes talent, dedication, and resilience to achieve success in any field you choose. The former Today anchor has managed to reach the goals she had since childhood – the multiple awards she’s received for her work in the entertainment industry are a testament to that.

But Kathie acknowledges it would have never been possible without her strong, unwavering faith.


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Kathie’s parents were believers, and she grew up knowing that there’s God, but the significance of faith didn’t sink in until she was 12 years old.

Speaking to Christianity Today, Kathie recalled how struck she was when her parents cried watching a broadcast of one of Billy Graham’s crusades.

A few months later, she saw a movie made by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and realized what she truly needed to do: trust God to guide her through life.


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Now, after years in the industry that many people consider godless, Kathie’s faith remains as strong as it was when she was a teen.


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The former Today host said in a recent interview with Fox News:

My faith is central to everything I am. The scriptures talk about 'In Him, I live and move and have my being' so it's not a religion to me, it's a relationship.


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Earlier, Kathie defined her faith in similar terms: she doesn’t need any intermediaries to have a relationship with the Almighty. She told CBN News in 2018: “I don't want religion in my life. I want a relationship with the living God.”