How Will Prince Harry And Duchess Meghan Do As New Parents? Parenting Experts Weigh In


March 5, 2019 11:21 By Fabiosa

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are ready to become parents! Their baby’s arrival is fast approaching: by all estimates, Meghan’s due date is in late April.


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Preparations for the new royal baby’s birth are in full swing, and many royal watchers – especially those who are parents themselves – have started to wonder: what kind of parents will Meghan and Harry be? And how exactly will they handle day-to-day tasks of being new mom and dad?

Emma Kendell, editor of Mother & Baby magazine, spoke to MailOnline and offered her guesses.


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What the expert says

As Duchess Meghan is environmentally conscious, she is likely to use eco-friendly reusable diapers, Emma told MailOnline. Speaking about other baby products, the expert said both Harry and Meghan will likely use baby slings.


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Prince Harry stands with Daniel Craig on the issue of baby-wearing fathers, and he will not be afraid or ashamed of showing that he’s a hands-on, caring dad, according to Emma:

I'm sure Harry is with Daniel Craig in knowing that dads do baby-wearing too.

As Prince Harry is also known for his mental health campaigning, he will be with Meghan every step of the way as she adjusts to being a mom, the expert suggests:

With Harry being so supportive of the mental health campaign Heads Together, I think he's going to be very proactive when it comes to supporting Meghan's mental well-being as she adjusts to being a mum.


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What about their parenting style?

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are pretty green when it comes to parenting, but they have a great example to learn from: William and Kate.

Child development expert Gill Connell suggests Meghan and Harry will be using the same parenting technique William and Kate are using, namely active listening.


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The technique involves getting down to a child’s eye level to speak and listen to them. Gill told People:

Active listening is one of the most important ways you can send the message, "You're important to me." Get down on the child's level, lean in and make eye contact.

Meghan and Harry certainly will do great as parents, just like William and Kate do!

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