Whose Fault Was That? Nicolas Cage's Estranged Fourth Wife Of 4 Days Breaks Silence On Their Scandalous Split

Date May 30, 2019 15:14

Poor Nicolas Cage! His life seems to be on the downward spiral, and he’s desperately trying to get out of the mess of his own making.


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In March, the actor, who was married three times before, tied the knot with Erika Koike, his girlfriend of about a year. It was a quickie marriage in Las Vegas, and, after four full days of married life, Nicolas came to his senses and realized what a terrible mistake it was.

He later stated he was too intoxicated to be aware of what he was doing during the "ceremony".


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He filed for an annulment, stating he was taken for a ride. In the documents, the actor claimed his wife hadn’t disclosed “the full nature and extent of her relationship with another person” and also kept her criminal record under wraps.

However, Erika’s side of the story has nothing in common with Nicolas’ version of events.


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Erika speaks out

The 34-year-old, who has worked as a waitress and as a make-up artist, was livid when Nicolas filed for an annulment. She was especially offended by the wording of his application and accused her soon-to-be ex-husband of damaging her reputation.


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Recently, she spoke to Mail Online and claimed she was hurt by Nicolas' actions and isn’t going to get back together with him, but she didn’t provide details about their ongoing legal fight:

Nic could have come to me and talked to me, not publicly humiliate me.

I'm hurt and mistreated, it's unfair, but the case is sealed and my lawyer won't let me speak until we are all done.


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Oh, and if you’re wondering what the case is about, you've probably guessed it correctly: it’s the money issue.


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Nicolas wants an annulment, but Erika demands a divorce and spousal support, as she says she missed out on “career opportunities” during her relationship with the actor.