No Office For Her! What Is Stopping Michelle Obama From Running For Presidency In 2020?

Date May 15, 2019

Many people think Michelle Obama could make a great president, and they’ve been urging her to challenge Donald Trump in 2020 ever since he was elected.


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To some, the idea may not seem too far-fetched. Michelle had high approval ratings when she was First Lady, and she’s classy, intelligent, and educated. On top of that, she would have the private counsel of a person who knows all ins and outs of the job – her husband, Barack. Would she be able to pull off what Hillary Clinton didn’t manage to achieve?


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However, the thing that matters most in this question is that Michelle herself doesn’t want it.

On May 11, Gayle King interviewed the former First Lady as part of her book tour. Gayle asked the question that has been on many people’s minds: why won’t she go ahead and run?


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Michelle explained that she appreciates the support, but she doesn’t really want to venture into politics. She said:

Here’s the thing: People have to want to be in politics. It has to be their passion. It’s not just because y’all like them.


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On a more personal note, the former First Lady said she knows the toll it takes on the family, and she doesn’t want her daughters, Malia and Sasha, to go through it again:

As a mother what you do not understand, if you’re asking me to run, is the toll it takes on the people around the president. It is a heavy ask.

My children are graceful, wonderful, and they are champions to have made it through eight years alive on the other end of this. I am grateful.


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Despite the pressure of being in the spotlight for the eight years their dad was President, Malia and Sasha seem to have handled it well. Earlier this year, Michelle told Conan O’Brien she’s proud of her girls:

I am in awe of my children for the way they have managed this whole thing with poise and grace. There's a resilience that they've had to develop.


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Now, we guess it’s best to just let them be.