Body Language Expert Says The Queen Views Kate "As An Equal" But Sees Meghan As A "Giggling Grandchild"

Date March 20, 2019

Tuesday was a special day for Kate Middleton! The Duchess accompanied the Queen at King’s College London, where they opened the newly renovated Bush House. The occasion was special, because it was the royals’ first joint solo engagement in seven years.

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Duchess Kate chose an understated outfit, so as not to outshine her grandmother-in-law. The two looked quite at ease with each other, which is markedly different from Duchess Meghan’s first solo appearance with the Queen, a body language expert says.


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What was different?

Duchess Meghan’s first solo engagement with the Queen was in June last year, just weeks after Meghan’s wedding with Prince Harry.

Judi James, a body language expert, compared pictures from the two events and explained how the two Duchesses’ and the Queen's body language was different.


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James told The Sun that the Queen and Kate’s poses and gestures were in sync, and their expressions signaled that they were relaxed – they are used to each other’s company, after all! James added that the Queen views Kate as her equal:

It’s becoming increasingly clear from their body language together that Kate and her grandmother-in-law are friends as well as queen and future queen.

The Queen takes a role-sharing approach when she’s out with Kate.


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On the other hand, Meghan looked nervous and tense at her first ever joint engagement with the monarch. James said the Queen saw Meghan as a '"giggling grandchild", and added:

Unlike Kate, who had spent years integrating slowly, Meghan was fast-tracked into her royal duties and as a result her body language looked more youthful and compliant as she studied the Queen carefully as a ‘newbie’.


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The expert said about the stark contrast between the royals’ body language at the two events:

Kate and the Queen tended to use signals of evenly-based friendship but Meghan and the Queen look more like a grandmother and a much-loved grand-daughter.


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The Queen is fond of both Duchesses

Back in June, when Meghan had just become a new member of the royal family and was just learning the ropes, James analyzed the pictures and reached a lenient verdict.

The expert stresses that the difference in attitude and body language had to do with the amount of time the Duchesses had been part of the family.

Body Language Expert Says The Queen Views Kate "As An Equal" But Sees Meghan As A "Giggling Grandchild"Getty Images / Ideal Image

James said:

She's clearly fond of both but she's more at ease with Kate and I think she must enjoy her royal duties when Kate is with her.

But the Queen still has a parent-child relationship with Meghan so they've got a long way to go before they're friends.


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She added that the Queen was more than willing to put Meghan at ease and help her learn all about her new role. Look at Duchess Meghan now, and you’ll see the monarch did a good job!

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