Classy! Helen Mirren And John Travolta Dazzle On The Red Carpet At BraVo Music Awards In Moscow

Date March 20, 2019

Most of this year’s major award ceremonies in the U.S. have already taken place, but let’s not forget about similarly grand events in other countries.


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The 2nd Annual BraVo International Classical Music Awards ceremony was held in Russia on Tuesday, and the venue chosen for the occasion – the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow – matched the event’s grandeur!


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The hosts of the ceremony, Helen Mirren and John Travolta, arrived in style and showed off their ageless looks.


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Helen and John’s Tuesday looks

When the two stars appeared on the red carpet, it was immediately clear who would run the show.

Helen wowed in a black gown decorated with floral embroidery! She looked radiant and youthful as she smiled for the cameras.


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The 73-year-old actress completed her look with an elegant black clutch and a pair of diamond earrings. Her age-defying look proved, once again, that you don’t need to go under the knife to look youthful in your seventies.


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John looked dashing as ever, dressed in a black tuxedo with a matching bow tie.


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A clean-shaved head and neatly trimmed facial hair look good on the 65-year-old actor (who also sings and dances, by the way)!

John likes adventure

If you need to know any more reasons why John Travolta is awesome, here’s one: the actor has a private pilot license and uses it quite often.

Tuesday’s event was one of such occasions. The actor, who flew to Moscow with his sisters and eldest daughter, operated the aircraft himself! He filmed the take-off and shared the video on Instagram, much to his fans’ amusement:


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He seems to be as cool as his film characters!

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