Be Careful, Meghan! The Psychic Twins Deliver A Stark Warning To The Pregnant Duchess From Princess Diana

Date April 24, 2019

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are only weeks (or even days!) away from welcoming their first child! In the months leading up to the much-anticipated event there have been countless predictions and speculations about Baby Sussex.

We have heard from former palace employees, royal experts, body language experts, numerologists, anonymous royal insiders, and other interested persons. Hoverer, there’s someone who we rarely heard from before: psychics.


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'The Psychic Twins' share Diana’s wishes and warnings

Terry and Linda Jamison, also known as 'The Psychic Twins', claim to have directly spoken to the spirit of Princess Diana. According to the twins, the late Princess is overjoyed about the imminent arrival of her fourth grandchild, but she also wants to warn Meghan.


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Terry and Linda spoke to Daily Star Online and shared what they learned from Diana. The twins said she is very happy for Harry and Meghan, and she sees their baby becoming friends with Kate and William’s kids:

Your baby will be very close with Will and Kate’s children, and I see them doing many play dates and activities together.

It warms my heart to see how happy you both look, and it is sincere…a very pure kind of love.


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Diana also knows what kind of character the baby will be and what he or she will look like, the twins said:

(I think) the baby will look a bit like both of you and possess Meghan’s temperament more than Harry’s.

The royal baby will inherit your kind spirits, and bring a fair amount of sassiness to your lives as well… may even a bit bossy at times!

He or she will be feisty and independent, generous, resilient and goal-oriented…and also very curious and alive, with a talent for the arts.


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The twins said that the loving and caring grandma-to-be also wants to warn Meghan to take good care of herself, get enough rest, and not take critics’ hurtful words to heart:

This baby will bring so much joy to the royal family and the world will fall in love. Make sure you take time to rest, Meghan.

You are so hard working, and not prone to taking your own good advice. I pray the birth will go well and feel it will.

Everyone will have an opinion about your parenting. Don’t try to be ‘perfect’ as I did. Remember, the press magnifies any perceived mistake and you can’t – nor should you try – to please everyone. That is a recipe for insanity!


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Earlier, the twins communicated a different kind of warning from Diana shortly after Harry and Meghan got engaged. They told Daily Star Online that Diana wants her daughter-in-law to keep an eye on Harry, as “he may struggle with monogamy.”