Meghan Markle's Dad "Would Give Anything" To Meet His Grandbaby In Person, But Does He Have A Chance?

Date April 9, 2019 14:05

The royals are making final preparations for the most important family event this spring: Meghan and Harry’s baby’s arrival.

And while Meghan’s in-laws will be among the first people to see the baby, Meghan’s father’s chances of meeting his youngest grandchild are slim.


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Veteran royal expert Duncan Larcombe said in the new TLC documentary Meghan and Harry: A Royal Baby Story that it’s unlikely that Meghan and her estranged father Thomas will reunite when she welcomes her baby.


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Still, Thomas himself doesn’t lose hope.

Thomas Markle hopes to meet his grandbaby

After staged pictures, paid interviews, and publication of Meghan’s private letter she'd sent to him, it’s unlikely that Meghan still wants her dad to be in her and her baby’s life.

Anyway, the retired Hollywood light technician still hopes that he and his daughter will be able to reconcile. Thomas’ friend told that he is truly happy for Meghan and is planning to send a gift for his grandbaby:

He is genuinely thrilled that his daughter is expecting her first child later this month. He’s been looking around baby stores for an appropriate gift to send.


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According to the friend, Thomas believes he may still have a chance to be in his grandchild and Meghan’s life:

He’d give anything to meet the new arrival in person and hopes he can prove to his daughter that their relationship is worth a second chance and he should have a place in their lives.

He is still clinging to the hope his daughter will call him at some stage to share her happiness.


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The friend also added that Thomas dreams of being invited to a big family event and getting to hold his precious grandbaby, but he knows that such expectations are not realistic:

[Thomas’] big dream is getting invited to the christening or some other family event where he’ll be able to hold the baby.

Sadly, he seriously doubts that will happen because of all the bad blood between Meghan and almost all her relatives, including him.


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Do you think Meghan will forgive her father and reach out to him once her baby is born? And should she do that, anyway?

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