"Polygraph Time!": José Canseco Doubles Down On Claims About Alex Rodriguez's Affair With His Ex-Wife

Date March 15, 2019 17:38

Last week, Jennifer Lopez announced her engagement to Alex Rodriguez. It’s the news that many of the couple’s fans had been waiting for! However, not everyone is happy for J.Lo.


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José Canseco scandalous claim

Less than a day after the announcement, José Canseco, a former MLB outfielder, came out with a shocking accusation. In a series of tweets, José claimed that his ex-wife, Jessica, is having an affair with A-Rod. He claimed he would take a polygraph test to prove he’s not lying.

Jessica herself had a response. She went on Twitter and denied the claims, saying her husband is the one who’s lying.

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José responded to that, and the situation seems about to escalate.


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José stands by his claims

The retired baseball star refuses to back down. Now, he’s challenging his ex-wife to take a polygraph test:

He’s challenging A-Rod to take a lie detector test as well:

José made sure to let everyone know he feels sorry for J.Lo (who hasn’t commented on the allegations):


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It’s not the first infidelity scandal around A-Rod

This is not the first time A-Rod is accused of being unfaithful. Back in 2017, when Alex and Jennifer were a few months into their romantic relationship, a fitness model named Lauren Hunter claimed Alex was seeing her behind Jennifer's back.

Apparently, Jen didn’t believe the claims made at that time, but will she believe the new allegations?

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