Proud Granny Rosie O'Donnell Shares New Pictures Of Her Grandbaby, And They're Beyond Adorable

Date March 14, 2019 16:07

December 18, 2018, was a big day for Rosie O’Donnell. The comedian welcomed her first grandchild, a baby girl named Skylar Rose.

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Becoming a grandma

On that day, Rosie rushed to Wisconsin and missed her grandbaby’s birth just by hours. She was absolutely elated when she saw the precious baby girl for the first time and shared the moment of bliss with her followers on social media.

Skylar is the child of Rosie’s formerly estranged daughter, Chelsea. Rosie and Chelsea’s relationship had been rocky in recent years, but they managed to bury the hatchet after Chelsea learned she was pregnant.

Despite her busy schedule, Rosie does her best to be a present grandma. She often shares baby Skylar’s pictures on Instagram, and they are absolutely delightful!


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It’s too early to tell if Skylar looks more like mom or like dad, but what is striking about her appearance is her head full of hair:


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The baby girl is already showing her character, as you can see in this cheeky snap:


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Little Skylar is such a joy!


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Skylar’s arrival changed everything

Becoming a grandma has been life-changing for Rosie, but even more so for Rosie’s daughter.


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Rosie appeared on Today weeks after Chelsea gave birth to Skylar and opened up about the significance of the moment:

Just to see my daughter so happy and so, sort of, content… And this guy who loves her so much, loves the baby. And now she feels like a lot of adopted kids feel. Until they have their own child, they don’t have that unit to look at, someone who looks like them, to see – genetically – they have their own kind of history. So it was, really, a very beautiful thing.


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It’s nice to see that Rosie is there for her daughter to provide help and guidance!

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