"I Want To Unsee It!": Dr. Phil Shaves His Famous Mustache And Sends Internet Into A Frenzy

Date April 2, 2019

Many of us are so used to seeing Dr. Phil sporting a mustache that it’s hard to imagine him without one.


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The host actually shaved it once, after 40 years with upper lip hair. He revealed his new look on The Oprah Winfrey Show, and his wife, who was in the audience, looked as if she was about to faint!

Dr. Phil grew his mustache back and everyone calmed down, but it seems he ventured to make this radical change in his look once again…


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Dr. Phil shaves his mustache

The host took to Twitter and shared two pictures taken at what appears to be a barbershop.

One picture shows him with shaving gel on his upper lip, staring at a razor intently. And another one – oh my! – shows the host without his 'stache! He captioned the pictures with: "Well... I did it."

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Dr. Phil’s fans went absolutely wild in replies to his tweet. Here are some of their reactions:

But it appears that many, including us, didn’t bother to have a look at the calendar before going into a state of shock.

April Fools’, folks!

In a follow-up tweet, the host revealed it was only a joke:

Those who bought it breathed out a huge sigh of relief! Bravo, Dr. Phil, we (almost) thought you really did that.

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