No Royal Title For Baby Sussex? Royal Expert Explains Why Meghan And Harry May Reject A Title For Their Baby

Date May 6, 2019

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s baby is expected to arrive any day now, and royal fans will soon find out all the things they want to know about the new addition to the royal family.


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Royal watchers are curious about the baby’s sex, name, his or her future title and role in the family, and whether he or she will be a redhead like daddy. As Meghan and Harry are known as an unconventional royal couple, some of their choice regarding their firstborn may be unusual as well.

Royal expert Robert Jobson spoke on Yahoo UK’s The Royal Box about Baby Sussex’s future role and how his or her birth may affect Meghan and Harry's role.


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The expert thinks it’s very likely that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex don’t want any royal titles for the baby, as they wish their child to have a normal life without the limitations that come with being a royal. Jobson said:

The child is not going to be the king or queen, very doubtful. They may not even have a royal role going forward. I know they are looking at the titles now - they may decide not to have a princely title.


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He also believes it’s possible that Harry and Meghan will retire from royal duties in favor of a simpler life, maybe even in the U.S.:

Meghan and Harry in ten years’ time, when the focus will be on the Cambridge children and the Cambridges, may decide they want to settle in the West Coast and not be part of all this.

A few years ago, Harry revealed in an interview that he seriously thought about giving up his role in the royal family, so Jobson’s opinion about the Sussexes’ future plans are not so far-fetched.


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Anyway, it’s been reported that Meghan and Harry want an ordinary and normal childhood for their baby, regardless of his or her title.

They are expected to follow William and Kate’s example: the Cambridge children – George, Charlotte, and Louis – are able to enjoy a simple and carefree childhood, much like regular kids.