"Seriously?": Princess Eugenie Gets Harshly Criticized For Making A Grammar Mistake On Instagram

Date April 12, 2019 12:24

Being a royal isn’t easy! Everything you do and say is carefully watched by thousands of observers. And God forbid you make a mistake – if you do make one, expect a disproportionate amount of criticism.


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Princess Eugenie is slammed for making a mistake

Princess Eugenie, who is one of the few royals who have personal social media accounts, often makes sweet tributes to her family on Instagram.

On this year’s National Sibling Day, the royal wrote a warm message to her older sister, Princess Beatrice. Eugenie shared two pictures of them (one taken on her wedding day, and one showing the two of them lying on the grass) and added in the caption:

Happy National Siblings Day... and to my big sister, your the best especially when helping me and my dress into the getaway car. #nationalsiblingday


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Did you spot it? Eugenie’s eagle-eyed followers sure did! The message should’ve said 'you’re the best', not 'your the best', and dozens in the comment section felt the need to correct the mistake.

While some simply suggested a correction, others were rude and blamed the blunder on Eugenie’s poor education. Here are a few comments to the post:


lol ... you're


“You’re the best”


You are not your!


Seriously, English language mistakes from English royalty?! They can't be making such tiny errors. Reflects badly on them. Nobody can for that matter.


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While critics took the time to point out the mistake, Eugenie’s supporters rushed to her defense, with some saying it was just a typo or autocorrect, and others slamming critics for failing to appreciate the warm sentiment of the post and spewing bile instead. Here are a few supportive comments:


I see all the grammarians and professors of English language.You all only picked or noticed the error and ignore the beauty of the post.


It’s freaking Instagram. Why are most of the comments on here from the grammar police?


Even royals make spelling/grammar errors. We’ve allllll done it - Let it go.. Come on! 
Lovely photos of two beauty sisters 👯


It is a beautiful photograph of you both. Such a wonderful day and you both looked amazing. Ignore the nit pickers correcting your grammar - predictive text strikes again.


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Needless to say, it’s not the first time a social media post from the royal family caused confusion or criticism.

When the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge shared their Christmas card in 2017, many were quick to inquire about Kate’s ‘missing arm’, attributed to a Photoshop fail (it's fairly obvious that her arm is behind William’s back, though):

Anyway, the royals must be used to such criticisms online and they probably pay them no mind!

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