Anderson Cooper Shows Off Parenting Skills With Andy Cohen's Son, And Fans Think It's Adorable

Date February 28, 2019

The Bravo’s Andy Cohen and CNN’s Anderson Cooper have been friends for ages. The two hosts were set up on a blind date years ago, and, although they didn’t become a couple (much to their fans’ dismay!) they formed a lasting friendship.


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Andy and Anderson have shared many memorable moments over the years. When Andy became a father earlier this month, Anderson was among the first ones to congratulate the new dad! And now came the moment many of the hosts’ fans expected: Andy introduced his newborn to "uncle Anderson."


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The sweet moment

Anderson came to see his good friend’s baby, and Andy captured this tender moment in a sweet snap. The Bravo host shared it on Instagram with the caption:

Uncle Anderson got an exclusive...


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Anderson thought it was too cute not to share it and posted it on his own Instagram, too. He wrote in the caption:

I could stare at @bravoandy’s son all day long. And i sort of want to be swaddled too. photo by @bravoandy

Anderson and baby Benjamin look mesmerized by each other! Apparently, the CNN host’s followers anticipated a picture with Andy’s baby son, and here are a few comments Anderson got:


I’m so so happy about this all ❤️


It appears he could stare at you all day long too...the look of love, oh my heart!


Awwwwww how sweet... look uncle Anderson he sees you ♥️😍☺️


He looks like he is smiling back at you. ❤️


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What does Anderson think about fatherhood?

Anderson’s fellow CNN host, Jake Tapper, asked him about plans to have kids in an interview a few years back.

Anderson said he did think about it. He enjoys kids’ company and loves playing with his nephews and nieces, but he said he had doubts whether he could do it, as he was consumed by work at the moment.


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Well, that’s what his friend Andy thought, too! So who knows...

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