"My Parents Being Adorable": Princes Eugenie Shares Sweet, Never-Before-Seen Pictures Of Her Parents

Date March 1, 2019 18:14

Prince Andrew and his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, divorced more than two decades ago, but they remain close.


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If you’re a royal watcher, you should know that the Duke and Duchess of York share much more than their title and two beautiful daughters, Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice

Fergie and Prince Andrew actually met long before they became a couple: they were childhood friends!

There are even some pictures to prove it. Here’s one in which Sarah gives Andrew an interested look. We bet she had a crush on him even then!

Princess Eugenie shares never-before-seen pictures of her parents

The couple’s lovely daughters also have some childhood pictures of parents in their archive. Princess Eugenie has recently shared two of those, and they are absolutely adorable! The Princess posted two pictures of mom and dad, side by side, on her Instagram, writing in the caption:

#tbt to my parents being adorable


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They look so cute in these old photos! Especially Prince Andrew, smiling widely and holding his teddy bear upside down.

They are still family, Sarah says

Although they have been divorced for longer than they were married, Sarah says she and her ex-husband are still like family.


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They are often seen at various events alongside their daughters, and they really do look like a regular family, as if they never split. Fergie is reticent about a possibility of remarrying Prince Andrew, but she said in an interview with The Daily Mail:

Although we are not a couple, we really believe in each other. The Yorks are a united family. We’ve shown it.


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Will they ever get back together? We’ll see.

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