One-Year-Old Kairi Becomes The New Gerber Spokesbaby, And Her Parents Couldn't Be More Proud Of Her

Date February 27, 2019

Remember Lucas Warren? This little guy made history last year when he became the first baby with Down syndrome to be named Gerber Spokesbaby.


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The boy won the judges over with his adorable cheeky smile! This year’s Gerber Spokesbaby was announced on Tuesday, and, like little Lucas, she’s also a historic pick.

Meet Kairi Yang

Kairi Yang is a 15-month-old from Hickory, North Carolina. She lives with her parents and their extended family and loves to play and explore the world around her. What makes her special?


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She’s the first Gerber Baby of Hmong descent (the Hmong are an ethnic group from China and Southeast Asia). Her family members keep their people’s traditions alive, and Kairi will get familiar with the Hmong culture while growing up. Her mom, Ying Vue, told Today:

Kairi will grow up knowing how to read and write in Hmong, so that she can speak with her grandparents.


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Ying and her husband, Peter Yang, were unsure whether to submit their daughter's photo for the contest. But they ultimately did, and Kairi was picked from more than half a million contestants! The girl’s mom told Today:

We actually debated whether or not to enter Kairi. But we thought regardless of the outcome, she was going to be a winner in our eyes. We are so glad we decided to submit her photo.

So, what is Kairi’s job as Gerber Spokesbaby? Her family was awarded $50,000, and her pictures will be featured in the company’s marketing campaigns and social media accounts for a whole year. Imagine how she will feel about being a face of Gerber once she grows up!


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How people reacted to Kairi’s win

Many companies are looking to embrace diversity, and people on social media think a Hmong baby is a great pick. Here are a few reactions to Kairi’s win from Twitter users:

This girl is just so adorable, isn't she?

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