"She Should Step Down": Joy Behar Slammed For Wearing Blackface At A Halloween Party In The '70s

Date February 7, 2019 18:00

Wearing blackface is offensive and unacceptable, no matter how you put it. It looks like The View host Joy Behar hadn’t got the memo by 2016.


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Is a new scandal brewing?

In one 2016 episode, the show’s panel was discussing the increase in popularity of curly hair. That’s when Joy proudly stated that her hair is naturally curly, providing a picture of her dressed as a ‘beautiful African woman’ for a Halloween party in the early ’70s.

Joy's face in the picture is darker than her natural skin tone, and she admitted she'd used makeup to make it looks darker. Her co-hosts didn’t say a word about such a costume being inappropriate.


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We would have forgotten about that moment on the show if it hadn’t been for Jon Levine. The Wrap editor helpfully decided to remind us about Joy’s costume, in light of the recent revelation about Ralph Northam, the Governor of Virginia:

How people reacted

Naturally, there have been some strong and emotional responses to the tweet, with many calling Joy a hypocrite. Some have even called on her to quit the show. Here are some of the comments about the video:

Double standards?

As you remember, another popular host actually lost her job over blackface comments. Megyn Kelly was fired by NBC after expressing doubts why wearing blackface is offensive, saying it was

OK when I was a kid as long as you were dressing like a character.


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The host later apologized for her comments but was dismissed anyway.

Will Joy face the same fate at ABC? We tend to doubt it.

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