"Deeply In Love!": Kelly Ripa Meets Andy Cohen's Baby Son, And Their Pictures Are Beyond Adorable

Date March 1, 2019

On February 4, Bravo host Andy Cohen became a dad for the first time. He announced the happy news that he was about to welcome a baby boy back in December, but his closest friend knew about it much earlier.


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Kelly Ripa, a host and Andy’s long-time friend, was among the first ones with whom Andy shared the exciting news. Kelly, herself a mom-of-three, was over the moon when she found out! She has been there for Andy to share practical parenting tips, and she's also got to meet the baby.


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Kelly meets Benjamin

The new dad has already introduced his newborn son to some of his friends, including Anderson Cooper. Kelly also came by to visit, and, naturally, Andy took some cute pictures of her and his son.

Kelly shared the adorable snaps on Instagram, writing in the caption:

Deeply in love❤️❤️❤️❤️ thank you @bravoandy for bringing such joy to the world.


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She got a ton of comments from excited fans! Here are some of them:


Omg what a precious little munchkin. Love how he’s looking at you Auntie Kelly ❤️


Awww I bet he is going to spend a lot of times in those arms. ❤️


Auntie Kelly !! You look so happy !!! ❤️❤️❤️

The Bravo host shared the picture as well, along with photos of Jimmy Fallon and a college friend sweetly cradling Ben:


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Andy has a whole lot of helpers

Even before Benjamin arrived, Andy knew his baby will be like family to his friends.

He has received plenty of valuable parenting tips from the Real Housewives stars. They also made sure to let Andy know they will surround his baby son with love and tender care! The Watch What Happens Live host said in an interview with People:

The Housewives have given me a lot of advice. All their mom instincts came out. As loud and funny and aggressive and wild and dramatic and everything you want to say about the Housewives, as much of all that as they are, they’re all moms, pretty much. And they’re all good moms.


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Sarah Jessica Parker, Andy’s good friend and a mom-of-three, has been there to help as well. Andy told People:

Sarah Jessica sat with me for three hours on a Saturday and helped me do my registry. And she lent me clothes and burp cloths that she had saved from her kids. She labeled them all. She left me a big plastic container full of things that she knew I would need.


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Benjamin Allen Cohen is one lucky little guy!

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