'Scrubs' Actor Sam Lloyd Gets Diagnosed With Lung Cancer Weeks After Becoming A New Dad

Date February 6, 2019

Musician and actor Sam Lloyd had a great start of the year. Lloyd, who is best known for playing the goofy lawyer on the hit TV series Scrubs, welcomed his first child with his wife, Vanessa. But the big happy event was overshadowed by an earth-shattering diagnosis just weeks later.


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What happened?

In January, the 55-year-old actor started getting headaches and noticed he had lost a lot of weight. He thought it was a natural consequence of stresses that come with being a new father, his GoFundMe page says. Moreover, he was also taking care of his ailing mom.

On January 17, his headaches became more intense and he saw a doctor. The doctor thought there was a problem with Lloyd’s sinuses and ordered a CT scan. The scan revealed a much more serious issue: a brain tumor. Additional scans showed it was a lung cancer metastasis, and the disease had also spread to the liver, spine, and jaw.

'Scrubs' Actor Sam Lloyd Gets Diagnosed With Lung Cancer Weeks After Becoming A New Dad© Scrubs (2001-2010) / NBC

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Despite the harrowing diagnosis, Lloyd and his wife remain positive and hopeful, the GoFundMe page says. The new dad has already started treatment, and his whole family is cheering for him. Additionally, they are raising funds for his treatment.


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The 'Scrubs' family is showing support

Scrubs cast and crew have joined the appeal. The show’s creator, Bill Lawrence, shared the news on Twitter, asking people to “get involved.” Zach Braff and other actors from the show are also helping to spread the message:

Our prayers are with Sam Lloyd and his family right now. We hope he gets the best care possible, and his family and friends’ support will help him beat the disease.

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