"I Love This Little Soul Deeply": Hilaria Baldwin Shares A Bittersweet Video Of Her Angel Baby's First Sonogram

Date April 25, 2019 18:53

Just when we thought that the Baldwin family was about to get bigger, Alec Baldwin’s wife Hilaria announced heartbreaking news on Instagram.


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She and Alec already have four children: daughter Carmen and sons Rafael, Leonardo, and Romeo. In March, Hilaria revealed that she was expecting, and the family’s fans were overjoyed by the news.


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Then, in early April, the star shared with a heavy heart that she was likely suffering a miscarriage. Unfortunately, a few days later her suspicion was confirmed.


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Hilaria has been very public about her experience and has thanked fans on social media for sending love and support. Her latest post about the short journey she had with the baby is bittersweet: it’s a video of his (or her) first sonogram.

Hilaria wrote an emotional message and shared it along with the video:

Since so many of you have been asking, I want to tell you that I am doing well. It has been 2 weeks since the d&c and I am physically starting to feel like myself again. Emotionally I am ok too...when we choose to become parents, we take a big risk with our hearts. Never do we love so intensely—and this is scary, but so worth it. This time, when I opened my heart up to another baby, he or she didn’t stay very long. But I love this little soul deeply and wholly. We all have a purpose in life, and I believe my little one left positivity in it’s short life. I felt a deep provocation to share what was going on and, in being so open, some great conversations emerged. Creating a positive from a negative, this little flicker of life left it’s mark. This is an issue that so many suffer with in silence...because those are the rules we follow. As I have said to so many: this experience wasn’t just about me and my journey, it is about anyone, perhaps you, or someone you know, who has suffered a loss. It is about continuing a conversation, knowing we need not have shame or that we can heal...and those who will unfortunately follow will have a community to turn to. I came forward to share and create a spark...please help me turn this spark into a lasting flame 🔥. (What you are seeing in the video is the first sonogram of the baby I lost...before we could see and hear the heart. In the lower left corner you can see the flicker. I don’t have a video of the heartbeat we witnessed a few times before it stopped...I want to share this because I feel like this little soul was mighty in the wave it provoked 💛)


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As Hilaria mentioned in her candid posts, she decided to share her journey without sugarcoating it in order to fight the stigma around pregnancy loss and help other women who are going through the same experience to feel that they are not alone.

People’s reaction to her painful and honest revelations is an outpouring of love and support. Here are some of the heartwarming comments Hilaria has received from her followers on Instagram:


Thank you for sharing and you are helping others!


My mother once told me that having children means that a piece (or pieces) of your heart will permanently live outside your chest. This is true of the children we have and the ones we have lost. All the best to you ❤️❤️


Small but mighty for sure! It’s so amazing that you use your platform to be honest and REAL! Love you and your message.


You are so strong and full of power and love! Sooo much respect for you!💕❤️💓💕❤️


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We want to offer our sympathies and thank Hilaria for her openness. It takes courage to share such a heartbreaking and deeply personal story!