Mother’s Love: Brave Possum Saves Its Baby From A Hungry Python

Date May 8, 2018 12:41

The common brushtail possum is likely to be the most widespread marsupial in Australia.

Despite the fact that brushtail possums are native to Australia, they are more populated in New Zealand. They were introduced to New Zealand in 1837 in order to establish a fur industry, but the country’s climate and little to no natural predators helped these little animals to thrive to the concerning extend.

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By JJ Harrison ( [CC BY-SA 2.5], from Wikimedia Commons

These Australian natives are often seen by city-dwellers. They took a liking for fruit trees, vegetable gardens, and kitchen raids. That’s why they are sometimes considered as pests.

Looking at those little cute possums it’s hard to imagine they’ve got some fire in them. But this common brushtail possum showed some guts when she fought with a hungry python to save its baby.

A woman in Queensland, Australia captured the moment when mamma possum fought with force and ferocity to rescue its baby form a deadly grasp of a hungry carpet python on her backyard.

The python strikes, but a brave mamma doesn’t give up. She uses all of her strength and fights with tooth and nail to save its little one. A few well-placed bites, and the scales tipped in her favor. It was reported that all three animals survived the fight.

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People took to Twitter to praise the brave mamma possum.

It goes to show that a mother would do everything she can to protect her child!

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