Love Heals All Wounds: Cleveland Kidnapping Survivor Michelle Knight Found Love After 11 Years In Captivity

Date May 16, 2018

The woman who was kidnapped and held captive for 11 years wasn’t hopeful about finding love. But the universe works mysterious ways.

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The dark past

Michelle Knight was 20 years old when she went missing in 2002. She was one of three women who were chained and tortured by Ariel Castro. The trio managed to escape in 2013. Castro was eventually sentenced to life in prison. He ended his life in his prison cell.  

Knight, who changed her name to Lily Rose, shared her horrifying experience in the book Finding Me: A Decade of Darkness, a Life Reclaimed. Later, she released a new book, titled Life After Darkness: Finding Healing and Happiness After the Cleveland Kidnappings, in which she described her life after the dark past. Knight wrote:

The whole world had heard the story of how I had been damaged by a filthy older man. Who would ever want me after that?


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Love heals all wounds

After starting a new life and gaining confidence in herself, Lily Rose Lee began to feel like she is worthy of love.

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37-year-old Knight met 39-year-old courier Miguel Rodriguez through mutual friends on social media. They had been having long phone conversations until the two finally met by an accident – they ran into each other at a restaurant.

Their relationship grew stronger, but Michelle was very anxious about physical intimacy after what she encountered in the past. However, it was an entirely different experience.

When it did happen, I realized I didn’t have anything to fear. The experience was entirely different. What made the difference was love.

The lovebirds married on May 6, 2016. The date holds a special meaning as it was the third anniversary of Michelle’s freedom from the ‘house of horrors’.

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Michelle admitted she had turned to junk food and alcohol to run away from terrible flashbacks. But after meeting Rodriguez, she started living a healthier and happier life.

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