Camilla And Charles's Alleged Lovechild Joins Forces With Queen Sister’s Secret Son To Prove Their Royal Roots

Date March 14, 2019 12:55

Two men are fighting to prove that they belong to be a part of royal history. Simon Dorante-Day claims he is the product of Prince Charles and Camilla’s love affair, which started in the 60s. He believes his identity would have been revealed if not for Princess Diana’s passing.

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Sounds shocking enough, but that’s not all. Another man, Robert Brown, is certain he also has a royal heritage as he thinks he is a secret son of the Queen’s late sister, Princess Margaret.

And now the two “illegitimate royals” are joining their forces to prove to the world that they, indeed, have blue blood in them.


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Forgotten children?

In a new explosive interview, Simon Dorante-Day and Robert Brown reveal that they support each other and will help one another to prove their royal heritage.


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How would they that? Simon and Robert are hoping to do a secret DNA testing but they admit that their lawyers are against it.

Simon commented:

Robert, like me, really believes that Princess Margaret is his mother, just as I believe Charles and Camilla are my parents. And we don’t feel the need to do a DNA test between ourselves because we know it to be true. But the legal advice from the start has been don’t give anything, don’t do any DNA tests with others - keep it.


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If the tests will be done and the results will prove Simon and Robert’s theories, then it will create a huge scandal in the royal household and something tells us that royals won’t let this happen.


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There have been many rumors about members of the royal families across the world having illegitimate children. From the King Albert II of Belgium to Prince George, Duke of Kent – they’ve all been surrounded by the same speculations. But, the truth will most likely always be elusive in such cases.

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