Hooray! Super Talented And Incredibly Handsome Shemar Moore Celebrates His 49th Birthday Today!

Date April 19, 2019 17:21

Shemar Moore is not just a great actor, he's also an incredibly inspiring human being. Moore is involved in charity work and dedicated his life to learning and educating others about Multiple Sclerosis.


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His beloved mother was diagnosed with the disease in 1999 and she became the actor’s inspiration and driving force that leads him on the mission to raise awareness about it and find cure.


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But his obvious awesomeness is not what we want to talk about today. On April 20, 1970, Shemar Moore was born into this world so let’s celebrate this wonderful occasion!

Birthday boy

That’s right, today Moore turns 49 years old, which is very hard to believe judging by his looks. The actor has been living a very exciting life but what do we actually know about him?


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His first role took place back in 1995 in the Queen Latifah comedy series titled Living Single. His handsomeness didn’t go unnoticed as he appeared in Toni Braxton's music video for her hit song How Many Ways in the same year.

But we could have never enjoyed his cheeky smile on the screen if his mother decided not to move to the US and stay where they were living at that time – in Denmark. That’s the reason why Shemar’s first language is actually Danish, not English.


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Despite his many achievements, Moore always stays humble and that’s why we love him so much.


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Let’s send our best wishes to Shemar and may he has the most amazing celebration today!