Meghan Markle's Uncle Knows What To Expect From Soon-To-Be Granny Doria Ragland Once The Baby Arrives

Date April 15, 2019

Doria Ragland is getting ready to try herself in a completely new and undoubtedly exciting position. The former yoga instructor will become a grandma soon as her daughter, Meghan Markle, is set to give birth to her firstborn by the end of this month.


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But what kind of grandparent she will be and what part she will play in her grandchild’s life? Her brother, Joseph Johnson shares his opinion.

Will Doria be a good granny?

Joseph Johnson shared with Daily Mail his memories of Meghan’s childhood and talked about Doria taking up a new role soon. Johnson revealed that the Duchess used to be very close to her grandma so she wants her own mother to have the same relationship with her child.

Meghan, apparently, wishes Doria to be a big part in her kid’s life. That’s why she, reportedly, prepared a whole wing in her new house for Ragland to stay in when she visits.

Johnson noted:

I think [Doria] will be a big part. I think she'll be hands-on, just because of Meghan's time constraints. She'll have to be around.

Joseph believes that his sister will ace her new position as he added:

I think she'll be a great grandmother, if she helps raise that child anything like Meghan was raised.

He thinks that Ragland will do her best to try and install the best qualities and values that she installed in Meghan, like “kindness” and “sense of self.”

It’s believed that the Duchess shares a very close bond with her mother. In 2017, in an article for Glamour, she named Doria as one of the 10 women, who changed her life.

It will be amazing to see that same bond blossoming between Meghan and her own child. We can’t wait for the Sussex baby to be born!

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