Save Meghan! Expert Claims Royal Family Holds Meghan Markle As “Prisoner” In Their "Cocoon World"

Date April 2, 2019

Some people are jealous of Meghan Markle, but there are those who believe that she made a huge mistake by marrying Prince Harry.


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A journalist Lisa Wilkinson thinks that the Duchess can do so much good in the world but she will be held back by the royals. Moreover, another expert went as far as to say that Meghan is the royal family’s “prisoner.”

Her life might not be a fairytale we think it is

According to the royal correspondent Helen Kirwan Taylor, the Duchess might be questioning herself why she married the British Prince.


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Taylor claimed in the documentary Meghan Markle: The First 100 Days that the former actress was excited at the beginning because she’s never done something like this before. But her excitement won’t last for long.


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Helen said:

In two years’ time when she is being rolled out to some godforsaken dark wet city in freezing conditions, I think she is going to wonder why she agreed to this.


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And Taylor is not the one who thinks that. Royal author Duncan Larcombe noted that Meghan is now the royal family’s own “prisoner.” He commented:

I don’t think even Meghan could have really comprehended the scale of the sacrifice she was making by saying: 'I do.' It is basically 'I do Harry, so I don’t for the rest of my life'. She is now sadly a prisoner inside that cocoon world.


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Not only that, the Duchess was offered a “note of caution”. Her celebrity status might create problems in the royal family as she keeps stealing the spotlight from the Queen and Prince Charles.


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It’s advised for Meghan to leave her Hollywood ways in the past as being a royal requires different behavior. Nonetheless, we hope that the Duchess will eventually find the balance and her own place in the family she married into.

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