Expert Suggests When Royal Baby Will Be Born As Meghan Shows "Signs” Of The Last Pregnancy Stage

Date March 28, 2019 16:37

It’s almost time for the biggest dream of the Sussex couple to come true. It’s evident how much Meghan and Harry want to become parents and the due date is coming closer and closer.


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By the way the royal duo acts with other kids during their royal engagements, we can be sure that they will be great mom and dad and it will be wonderful to see them finally playing those roles. But how soon is it going to happen?

The pregnancy stage clues

Body language expert Judi James has given us an insight into when we can celebrate the birth of one of the most expected royal babies.


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Meghan’s acting past helps her to hide her pregnancy symptoms as only her massive baby bump can indicate that the royal is, indeed, expecting.


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James says that the Duchess’ body language is so well-thought and poised that it’s very hard to say when her due date actually is.


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She still wears high heels on every royal occasion and looks as energetic as ever. Moreover, we don’t see any clues that she is experiencing any back pain or lack of sleep or even a little trace of anxiety.


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So how will we know? Judi says that it will be Harry who will eventually crack and show extra excitement and anxiety.


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According to the reports, Meghan Markle will give birth in April but it might actually happen even sooner as Judi thinks the baby will arrive imminently. We can’t wait!

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