Olivia Newton-John Claims She Thought She Was Too Old For ‘Grease’ But John Travolta Convinced Her To Do It

Date March 26, 2019

It’s been ages since Grease was first released but people still love it and keep talking about it. Why? The reason might lie in the absolutely magical chemistry the main characters, portrayed by Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta, have.


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Even the actors knew that what they had was pretty special. Newton-John once said that nobody could “deny this kind of chemistry.”


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But, as it turns out, it’s thanks to Travolta we are able to enjoy it as Olivia might never have played the role that made her famous.

True friendship

In her new memoir, Newton-John revealed that she thought she was “too old” to play in Grease. She writes that she was 28 years old when she got offered to portray a character still in high school.


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However, John Travolta came to her home and convinced her otherwise. The actress commented:

I wrote about the experience of being nervous about doing it because I worried about my age. Then, deciding if I wanted to do a screen test with John and him coming to my house to convince me to do it.


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Travolta and Newton-John’s relationship flourished into a true friendship that remained strong for over four decades later. The actor has always supported his former co-star, especially during her cancer battle.


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The two speak on the phone quite regularly to maintain their special relationship, which is really wonderful!


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It’s amazing to know that real friendship can survive under the Hollywood spotlight, despite the distance and time.

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