Controlling Wife? Meghan Markle's Ex-Friend Claims Duchess Pushed Harry’s Close Friends Out Of His Life

Date June 5, 2019 14:38

Lizzie Cundy is an English socialite, as well as television and radio presenter, who is mostly known for her quite revealing outfits.


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But, believe it or not, she also has a connection to the royal family. Cundy used to be a very close friend of Meghan Markle. But, apparently, not anymore.

Bashing the Duchess

Meghan and Lizzie, reportedly, have met when Markle traveled to the UK after landing the role of Rachel Zane in the legal drama Suits. The two striked up a friendship but stopped communicating after Meghan met Prince Harry.


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In a new interview with talkRADIO, Cundy revealed that Markle took complete control over her husband’s life and pushed out his close friends. She said:

One thing I have heard is, because I’m friend with a lot of Harry’s friends – one is a very close friend – is that she has pushed them all out. She’s ruling the roost. 


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The person who, apparently, confided with Cundy was a “solid” friend to Harry. Lizzie shared:

His friend, I won’t name him, he had Harry on his shoulders in Las Vegas when he got into that trouble. He was a really good, solid friend – covered for him, everything – he has been elbowed right out.


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It was previously rumored that Meghan made her husband limit the communication with his close pals, whom she considered “bad influence.” But it appears that she made her circle of friends smaller as well.


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Lizzie claimed that the former actress asked her to help her find “a famous British guy” but after meeting Prince Harry, Markle completely dropped Cundy.


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It’s likely that the Duchess was suggested by the Palace to break the contact with some of her friends so we hope there are no hard feelings on Cundy’s side.