Expert Names The Biggest Difference Between Sussexes And Cambridges As Royal Couples Split Houses

Date March 15, 2019 17:06

It has been officially announced that the Cambridges and Sussexes will not only have separate homes but also separate households. From this spring, the royal couple won’t be sharing the same roof neither in day-to-day life nor in work.


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It seems like sad news but it actually might be very beneficial for both couples because they are very different from each other, at least that’s how the body language expert Judi James thinks.

But why are they so different?

In a recent interview, Judi James pointed out the main difference between the Sussexes and Cambridges. She explained that Meghan and Harry give off a totally different vibe, by saying:

They are more ‘Hollywood’ while William and Kate are pure ‘Windsor’.


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But that’s not all. Harry is more “spontaneous and relaxed” than his older brother, which comes up in his body language. His and Meghan’s constant PDA attracts people and make the couple more relatable.


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Moreover, even the way they met makes them different from Kate and William. She said:

Unlike William and Kate, they met as ‘grown-ups’ and we’re seeing the body language of two quite different and rather strong individuals bonded by a very romantic form of love.


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Not only that, Meghan and Kate also have completely opposite characters and their integration into the royal family has been very dissimilar. Judi explained:

The more reserved Kate has been slowly, carefully and gradually growing into her role in the royal family to the point where she is now showing all the signs of becoming its matriarch.


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Meghan, on the other hand, has adjusted to her new life fairly quickly thanks to her background in showbiz.


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Despite that, the Sussexes and Camrbidges are still one big family and always will be.

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