Expert Reveals Clever Tricks Kate And Willian Use To Prevent Mistakes Charles And Diana Did In Public

Date March 15, 2019 16:01

Princess Diana and Prince Charles married over 36 years ago in front of the millions of people watching the couple beaming on the TV screen.


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However, even though they appeared adorably nervous and extremely happy, the body language expert already spotted the “warning signs” that indicated that something was off in their relationship.


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But now, their son, Prince William, and his wife are, reportedly, trying their best to avoid those signs when they appear in public.

How do they avoid looking like Charles and Diana?

Kate and William know that one day they will become King and Queen so they must look appropriate during their public outings.


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Body language expert Judi James revealed that the couple uses subtle techniques to appear more formal in order not to repeat Charles and Diana’s mistakes.


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She said:

While Charles and Diana sadly illustrated every stage of their relationship in their body language William and Kate have yet to veer from signals suggesting anything more intriguing or revealing than perfect smiles, love, and perfect mirroring.

Since becoming parents, the royal couple’s body language became softer with an odd PDA thrown in here and there. But for the most part, they still remain formal.


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James explained:

Their touch rituals, eye contact, and tie signs also seem to have increased since Louis was born although they still appear to be averse to creating anything approaching the kind of non-verbal royal soap opera that surrounded Princess Diana.

Judi also noted that Kate and William have become more tactile, partially because of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who never afraid to show their love in public.


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Nonetheless, the difference between the two couples is still drastic. But it’s understandable, as William is destined to sit on the throne so he and his wife need to act a little bit more restricted in public.

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