Honest Mistake Or Royal Snub? Meghan And Harry Forgot To Follow Prince Andrew On Instagram

Date April 3, 2019

We all know that after marrying into the royal family, Meghan Markle had to delete all of her social media accounts. But now she’s back on Instagram as the Sussex couple launches their official account.


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As their first post, the royal pair chose a few photos that highlight the good work they do using their royal status. The Sussexes has already got quite a lot of followers but they only followed a short number of accounts and Prince Andrew didn’t make the cut.

Did they forget about Andrew?

After Meghan and Harry created their own Instagram account, many people noticed that the couple didn’t connect with Prince Andrew.


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Was it an honest mistake? We don’t really know, but the moment is surely slightly humiliating for Prince Harry’s uncle.


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It might have been an intentional move to show that the Sussexes decided to make their own path, independent from the other royals.


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However, they didn’t fail to connect with Kate and William as the Cambridges official account was one of the first three that made the list.


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Meghan and Harry lately followed a number of organizations the royal family supports, including the National Theatre, of which the Duchess was made a patron.

Maybe there is a royal rift?

In October, Prince Andrew threw subtle shade at Meghan and Harry for not having as many friends as his daughter. He, reportedly, said that Princess Eugenie’s wedding “will not be the same” as the Sussex couple’s one because Eugenie will have more guests.


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The Queen’s son was also not happy that Meghan and Harry stole Eugenie’s thunder by announcing that they are expecting a baby. So, perhaps, there might be bad blood between them but we hope it’s nothing serious.

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