Royal Butler Claims Pregnant Princess Diana “Threw Herself Downstairs” Because She Was Craving Attention


April 16, 2019 11:09 By Fabiosa

In 2017, Princess Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell said that Lady Di’s marriage with Charles was "mental torture" for such a young girl. He noted that since her passing, Harry and William ended all contacts with him, which makes him very sad.


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However, it doesn’t prevent him from speaking about Diana whenever he gets an opportunity. Recently, Burrell issued a scandalous claim about the Princess that shocked many people, us included.

Cry for attention

Paul Burrell stated that when Princess Diana was pregnant with Prince William, she once faked falling down the stairs in a desperate cry for attention.


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According to the former butler, the incident happened in 1981 when Lady Di was 4 months in her pregnancy. Burrell revealed he heard an "enormous clatter” on the staircase and when he ran to see what happened, he found Diana "halfway down it, faking a tumble.”

Paul assured that the royal didn’t hurt her unborn child, she just wanted attention from her husband. But did it really happen? It very well might have as royal biographer Andrew Morton mentions this same incident in 1992.

What does it say about the late Princess? Some people would suggest that she was “a manipulator.” Diana’s former friend Sally Bedell Smith revealed in her book that the royal was “manipulative with her parents.”


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What kind of person the Princess of Wales really was? Only people who were close to her can answer that question. But what can we say for sure is that she was a very complex woman. What do you think?