Social Media Is Enraged After CNN Asked How Black Will Meghan Markle's Baby Be: "This Is Screamingly Bad"

Date May 8, 2019 16:27

The moment Meghan Markle and Prince Harry officially introduced their newborn son made history as their baby is the first ever biracial child in the royal family.


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But his birth raises many questions. Which place will mixed-race royal baby take in the royal family? How will the media treat the first biracial royal child?


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Already the racism has started seeping through as CNN got under fire after posting a controversial article.

Social media is enraged

CNN’s writer John Blake was harshly ridiculed for his article that analyzed the mixed-race “myths” and the dangers that come with them after Meghan Markle gave birth on Monday.


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In his article, the author used a controversial sub-headline asking his readers “How black will the royal baby be?”, offering them a different way to look at the newest addition to the royal family.


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Even though the piece was meant to raise awareness about the stereotypes we live with, Blake’s article, ironically, backfired with people accusing him of racial unawareness.

The criticism has been purring down like a tropical rain as social media users, along with activists and Hollywood stars, slammed CNN and their ill-fated piece.

The correct line to address such a touching subject has been blurred a long time ago. However, Meghan Markle herself said that she is proud of her mixed-raised heritage and we are certain that her son will be proud as well.