Enchanting! Meghan Markle's Uncle Joseph Johnson Shares Rare Never-Before-Seen Photos Of Duchess

Date April 15, 2019 16:06

Even though Meghan Markle’s dad and half-sister turned against her, the Duchess still has a very few family members who are actually on her side.

Meghan's proud uncle Joseph Johnson always says only nice things about her, stating that she was a happy “special” child. Johnson often shares adorable photos from Meghan’s childhood and recently he revealed a couple more and let us tell you, they will melt your heart!

Adorable Duchess

Joseph Johnson has shared never seen before extremely adorable photos of the Duchess as a toddler. The set of cute pics capture Meghan Markle as a happy kid surrounded by a loving family.


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Until this point, many have been convinced that Meghan’s childhood was darkened by the divorce of her parents and her half-sister’s jealousy.


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But these photos show a normal family, feeling excited and content with their new adorable addition. There doesn't seem to be any trace of feuding that might be happening at this point in Meghan’s life.


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Doria’s half-brother shares that the Duchess had “a lovely and sunny disposition” as a child. And soon she will become a mom herself. Johnson revealed that he can't wait for Meghan's baby to be born.


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He joked:

I'm wondering whether he will have curly hair, or red.

We want to know that as well. Nonetheless, it’s obvious that the Sussex baby will look just as beautiful as this adorable little girl on the photos.