No Hope! Expert Claims Meghan Markle “Elevated” Kate’s Confidence But They Will Never Be Best Friends

Date April 15, 2019 13:53

The royal journalist Carole Malone previously created quite a stir by her comments that Kate Middleton feels “threatened” by Meghan Markle.


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She stated that the spotlight moved from the Duchess of Cambridge to the former American actress, which, supposedly, made the royal mom feel “put out” because she wasn’t getting the attention she used to get. However, it seems that it’s not the case anymore.

Kate has changed

Despite what Malone declared, the body language expert Judi James thinks that the Duchess of Cambridge indeed has changed but in a positive way. According to James, Kate gained more confidence since Meghan joined the royal family.


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The expert commented:

I noticed recently her confidence levels do seem to be increasing. She was the one that wasn’t royal that married into the Royal Family and now Meghan’s done the same thing and Meghan is the newbie. I think that’s perhaps elevated Kate’s confidence levels a bit.


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It appears that the Duchess is taking a more “dominant” position now as she is getting ready for her future role – the matriarch of the royal family.


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But what about her relationship with Meghan? Judi thinks that the two women’s body language suggests that they will never be best friends. She said:

They’re probably never going to be the best of friends and their body language tends to suggest that.

It’s evident that both royal ladies have taken very different roles in the family. Even the Queen treats them differently.


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According to James, Her Majesty acts with Middleton as with “an equal” while Markle is more of a “giggling grandchild” to her.


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Perhaps, in the future, their positions will change but we hope that the two ladies will bond with time, especially after Meghan becomes a mom.