Reba McEntire On Falling In Love At 62 After A Devastating Divorce: "The Old Heart’s Still Beating"

Date April 4, 2019

After splitting with her husband of 26 years Narvel Blackstock in 2015, Reba McEntire was in a very dark place. It was even more heartbreaking because Reba revealed she wasn’t the one who initiated the end of their, what she thought strong, union.


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The singer shares that her faith and her music helped her to see the light at the end of the tunnel and learn how to live with a broken heart.


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She had never thought that there will be the time she could fell in love again but the cupid had different plans for her.

In love again

Reba McEntire is a very happy woman these days. She not only managed to heal the painful heartbreak but she also made a room in her heart for someone else. The country legend actually surprised herself by how quickly her new romance has blossomed.


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She said:

I was not looking. Not even interested.

When the singer met the retired oil geologist Anthony “Skeeter” Lasuzzo in August 2017, she didn’t think it could turn into anything serious. At first, the two were just friends but then their relationship turned into something far more romantic.


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Now Reba has no doubts about her feelings towards her new beau. She reveals:

We’re totally in love — absolutely. I wouldn’t put up with somebody for two years if I wasn’t in love with ’em! The old heart’s still beating.


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McEntire’s former co-star and dear friend Melissa Peterman completely approves her choice and says that it’s evident that Lasuzzo “adores” her.


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We are so happy to see Reba smiling that “I’m so in love” smile again!

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