Seriously, What Is Going On? Another Key Member Of Meghan Markle’s Staff Reportedly Quits The Job

Date March 11, 2019 14:17

The Duchess of Sussex keeps losing her staff members. At first, her personal assistant, Melissa Toubati, quit just after six months after the former American actress became the part of the Royal Family.

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But that was just the beginning. Later, the news broke that Meghan’s another Palace aid, Samantha Cohen, is reportedly leaving her as well. However, Cohen agreed to help the Duchess before she gives birth.


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And now we are shocked to say that one more key staff member is, allegedly, quitting the job, too.

Who’s leaving this time?

According to the Daily Mail, another Palace aid is planning to leave the Duchess. Amy Pickerill only got her new job as Markle’s assistant private secretary last year but she is already quitting her post.


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The Duchess will say goodbye to her right-hand woman after she moves in to Frogmore Cottage with her husband.


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It’s been reported that Pickerill is very popular among the other staff members and her colleagues feel extremely sad that she will no longer be working with them. Amy is not just leaving the Royal Household, she is, allegedly, moving overseas.


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So why are so many people quitting their jobs in the Palace?

Royal expert claims that Meghan might not be the best boss. A professional journalist, Angela Mollard, believes that the Duchess is “difficult to work with” because she always wants to get close to the public.

Seriously, What Is Going On? Another Key Member Of Meghan Markle’s Staff Reportedly Quits The JobGetty Images / Ideal Image

The mom-to-be has already been dubbed as “Hurricane Meghan” by the Palace staff but we hope that she won’t lose any more members of it.

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