Olivia Newton-John Shares The Real Reason Why She Had To Keep Her Cancer Battle Private

Date March 11, 2019 16:56

Olivia Newton-John is an incredibly strong woman. She has been struggling with serious health issues for a long time but not many even knew what she has been going through.

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The Grease star faced cancer three times in her life. The first time she was diagnosed with the disease was back in 1992. But it didn’t leave Olivia that easily. Cancer returned in 2013 and then again in 2017.

But why Newton-John kept quiet about it for such a long time?

During one of her very recent interviews, the 70-year-old talked about her new memoir titled Don't Stop Believin, where she writes about her life journey, as well as her battle with cancer.

In the book, Olivia shares that only a few people knew that her latest cancer diagnose is her third one as many thought she had two.

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The actress said that she decided to keep her health struggles private and she has a very good reason for it. Newton-John explained her decision by saying:

Because of the speculation. I just decided I wanted to go through it myself. I don't know, it was just a decision that I'd keep it to myself that time.

We can totally understand why she decided to do it as her recent diagnose created a lot of noise on social media with people claiming that the actress is living her last days.


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Olivia admits that she doesn’t like talking about her health because she doesn’t want anyone to worry about her, which makes her “sugar-coat” things and hide if she’s not feeling well.

We admire her bravery and hope that cancer will never pose a threat in her life anymore.

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