Chip Gaines Makes A Ginormous Valentine's Day Surprise For Joanna: "That’s Big Love"

Date February 19, 2019

Chip and Joanna Gaines are probably the most adorable couple out there. Even after having 5 kids, they managed to keep that romantic flame burning in them. The two has been married for 15 years, but they still surprise each other with little gifts and sweet gestures.


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For their anniversary, Chip showed off his romantic and creative sides as he wrote a little poem for his beloved that he posted later on social media.

But recently the doting husband outdid himself when he presented his wife a romantic surprise for Valentine’s Day.

Big gesture

The Gains patriarch probably lives by the wise mantra 'go big or go home'. At least, that's what was on his mind when he was thinking about Valentine’s Day present for his wife. Chip surprised Joanna with an incredibly romantic gesture as he painted a sweet message for her on their Magnolia Market silos in Texas. Joanna posted the photo of her 'present' on social media, check it out!


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You could see Chip’s message from the sky! The mom-of-five captioned the photo with:

That’s big love.

It sure is!


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People reacted to the swoon-worthy surprise

This is how you treat your partner, and not only on Valentine’s Day! Go big or go home, people!

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