‘The View’ Star Joy Behar Isn't Buying Lady Gaga And Bradley Cooper’s Chemistry: “They Are Actors”

Date February 27, 2019

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga gave quite a steamy performance of their hit song Shallow at the Oscars Ceremony. So much so that since then, people are shipping the couple twice as hard.

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The chemistry between Copper and Gaga was oozing out of every corner of the Dolby Theatre. It was almost uncomfortable to witness such an intimate performance.

However, not everyone thinks that their off-the-charts chemistry is real.

Joy Behar isn’t buying it

The View crew shared their opinions about the Oscars and the now-iconic performance of Shallow, of course, came up in the discussion. While Sunny Hostin and Abby Huntsman agreed that Gaga and Bradley set the room on fire, Joy Behar had a completely different opinion.

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The co-host claimed that the two stars were acting, no more than that. She said:

Oh, please, they're actors, get over yourself.

‘The View’ Star Joy Behar Isn't Buying Lady Gaga And Bradley Cooper’s Chemistry: “They Are Actors”Getty Images / Ideal Image

Behar noted that if the two were actually “doing it”, they wouldn’t be “doing it” in front of everybody on TV. She also reminded everyone that there are many stars who had great chemistry on the screen because it’s their job to create it.

But the couple’s body language screams love

The body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass believes that Gaga and Cooper’s love is “the real deal.” She explained:

There’s incredible chemistry between them. You felt it on the stage — and that’s why the movie is such a success. And you feel it off the stage.

Glass says that the two genuinely love, respect, and admire each other. But what do you think?

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