Kate Middleton Was Asked Whether She's Planning Baby #4 And Her Answer Was Very Eye-Opening

Date March 1, 2019

There have been a lot of rumors about Kate Middleton being pregnant for the fourth time. However, the body language expert assured that it’s not true as we all know that the Duchess would have had pretty bad morning sickness and skipped public outings.

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However, during her recent appearance, the mom-of-three made many fans excited, when she was asked about baby #4.

Is Kate really pregnant?

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge ventured on a trip to Northern Ireland to attend a number of royal engagements. When Kate came to say hi to the royal fans who traveled to the Braid Arts Centre in Ballymena to greet the royal couple, she spotted a little baby in the crowd.


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The Duchess cooed over the five-month-old boy while chatting to his father, Alan Barr. She admitted that the little boy makes her feel like having another child of her own. She said:

He's a very sweet little boy... He's so diddy. Makes me very broody.


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When Mr. Barr heard her words, he quickly asked whether it means that the Duchess is planning to have another baby, to which she answered with a smile:

I think William might be slightly worried.

That sounds like a future promise to us! The Cambridge couple is known to have the most adorable kids so the fourth baby will certainly be another winner of the amazing genes lottery.


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Some royal experts believe that the Duchess really wants to have another addition to her family, especially after finding out that her sister and brother-in-law are welcoming their first child soon.


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Knowing how much Kate loves kids, we wouldn’t be surprised if she will be pregnant again by the end of this year.

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